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Social Media Statistics 2019 – 178 Must-Know Stats

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The last few years have seen the meteoric rise of Social Media in all aspects, but an especially great impact has been seen in the marketing world, where social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok have quickly become one of the hottest mediums for marketers! The following article is an attempt to present a bunch of the latest Social Media Statistics & Facts in 2019 for both marketers and users of the platforms!

Given the gigantic user base and the amount of daily time being spent on these platforms, marketers have a great opportunity to enhance their brand’s presence in front of more than 3 billion users! However, along with this, marketers face the challenge of creating the right social media strategy, which quickly becomes a complex process given the number of social media platforms and different types of marketing like Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing, among others.

Hence, in order to help fellow marketers understand the peculiar patterns, latest trends and paradigm shifts in the vast ocean called social media, we have compiled a bunch of latest stats about all the leading platforms to enable you to plan your next marketing campaign armoured with the latest information out there! And if you’re someone just looking to increase your knowledge of the current state of Social Media in 2019, this comprehensive list of stats will ensure that you get a deep understanding of these platforms!

Social Media Statistics:


Social Media Statistics 2019

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Facebook Statistics:

Facebook user engagement statistics

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Facebook user age group statistics

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Instagram Statistics:

Instagram Statistics

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Linkedin Statistics:


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Pinterest Statistics:

Social Media

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Twitter Statistics:

Twitter User Statistics 2019

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Snapchat Statistics:


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WhatsApp Statistics:


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YouTube Statistics:


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TikTok Statistics:

  • TikTok is available in 150 markets in 75 languages with 800 million installations.
  • While TikTok has 500 Million monthly active users, a whopping 29 percent of them open the app every day.
  • Analysts estimate that TikTok earns $1.4 million per month.
  • TikTok is the most downloaded non-gaming app in the Apple app store with 45.8 million downloads in the Q1 of 2018, while being the 6th most downloaded app in the world.
  • 66 percent of users are younger than 30 years old.
  • Average users, usually spend around 52 minutes per day scrolling through videos on TikTok.
  • Top Views have been recorded on the Raindrop Challenge with 685.7 million views.
  • While 54% of engaged TikTok users have claimed to have commented on a video, 43% of them have uploaded a ‘Duet’ video.

TikTok Statistics on Engagement

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TikTok Statistics

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Reddit Statistics:

  • Reddit is the 5th most popular site in the U.S. and the 6th most visited site globally.
  • Reddit has 330 million monthly active users with 54% users from the U.S.
  • Reddit is generating 168 billion-plus views each year. Also, its user base has increased by 30% in the past 6 months.
  • The subreddits number has reached a figure of 853,000.
  • 2.8 million comments are left on a daily basis by Reddit users, while a total of 58 million up or down votes are received.
  • The average user spends 16 minutes each day on Reddit.
  • An average of 40 million searches happens on Reddit every day, whereas 5 million minutes of video is viewed.
  • 79% of Reddit users fall in the 18-34 age group.
  • Reddit ad business expected to grow nearly 55%, crossing the $100 million revenue mark this year.
  • Reddit has nearly 150,000 active communities, with 53% men and 47% women users.

Reddit Statistics

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Weibo Statistics:

  • Weibo has 600 million registered users with 462 million monthly active users.
  • 94% of monthly active users access it on mobile devices.
  • Weibo’s net revenue increased by 14% year-over-year to reach a figure of  $399.2 million in the first quarter of 2019.
  • Average users spend 4.2 minutes on the platform.
  • Weibo has a large user base in China and in Chinese communities spread across than 190 countries.
  • 76% of Weibo users have a high education background. While 16% have medium education and 8% have a low education background.
  • 17-33 years old users are the major contributors for Weibo large information flow.
  • Weibo generates a strong advertising and marketing revenue with total advertisers reaching 832,000.

Weibo User Purchase Statistics

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