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Interview with Umesh Malhotra, Head of Growth & Demand Generation at Jifflenow

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Umesh Malhotra has over 15 years of experience in marketing, management, strategy, and business development. Currently, Umesh is the Head of Growth & Demand Generation at Jifflenow and is responsible for planning, execution, and analysis of demand generation/digital marketing programs to generate high quality leads that effectively develop a pipeline. Prior to joining Jifflenow, Umesh was at Bitmovin as their Global Head of Digital Marketing and prior to that at Arena Solutions for 5 years as their Senior Director of Demand Generation until it got acquired by JMI Equity. He has also worked at Friendster, Muvee, Soonr (acquired by AutoTask) and Realization. Umesh has marketed to B2C, B2B, and several government organizations such as NASA, The U.S. Army, and The U.S. Air Force.

His Journey as a Marketing Leader

Please take us through how you got initiated into marketing as a profession and how you grew to be the seasoned marketing professional you are.

After my graduation from the University at Buffalo, New York in Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with dual majors in Marketing & Management Information Systems (MIS), I got an offer to work for, the mother of all social networks. With a brand new industry (Social Networking) that nobody had heard about, this was an intriguing opportunity to drive from East Coast to West Coast. Though I did my dual major, I could have rolled both ways in IT or Marketing and went for Marketing instead in the IT capital of the world. I learned a lot and traveled to Singapore & Philippines sometimes for weeks. Five years later, Friendster was acquired and I was on my next big opportunity. Today, with 3 successful acquisitions at some of the startups I’ve worked at, I wouldn’t change a thing.


What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

I was fortunate to have a decent marketing budget to launch marketing campaigns using a variety of channels that exists and fine-tuned along the way using the KPIs. My advice to young marketers working in B2B would be to experiment with all channels but prioritize based on your quarterly and/or annual budget and monitoring what’s working and what’s not. As long as your parameters are based on your customer profile and you are not only going after decision-makers but also after influencers, you’re on the right track if you have the right content with the right number of touchpoints. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important channel because organic growth helps in pull strategy and also reduces PPC spend. Every channel is based out of a goal you’re trying to achieve.


With scores of marketing software available today, how do you go about selecting the right software for your needs?

Before selecting the software, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Does this software solve the problem? Will it save time for my team to not manually do everything and the software automates the problem? Do I have a budget for this? Does this have more priority over others? And, the most important of all, does it impact pipeline and can help drive more revenue for the company.  

What are some of the important marketing software that you have used?

Marketo, Salesloft & HubSpot.

Advice for the marketing community

Your 2 line advice to people entering into marketing domain.

Enjoy the ride. It’s perfect timing. Earlier Marketing was more ‘art’ and less ‘science’, now marketing is more ‘science’ and less ‘art’. Today marketing is responsible for 80% of the buyer’s journey before it reaches Sales.

Some of the learning resources/books that you would like to recommend to our audience.

Not a book. Keep reading everything from marketing magazines to follow tech publications like TechCrunch, etc. Every day you’ll learn something.