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Interview with Todd Heft, Director of Digital Marketing at FunnelKake

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Todd Heft is the Director of Digital Marketing at FunnelKake, a digital marketing agency that builds and manages Inbound Sales Funnel, deliver ready-to-buy customers, and keep the users informed.

Your Journey as a Marketing Professional

Please take us through how you got initiated into marketing as a profession and how you grew to be the seasoned marketing professional you are.

I began my career in radio broadcasting as a teenager. While working as talent, which included voicing commercials, I learned what good and bad advertising were. After radio, I migrated to the record industry as a regional marketing and promotion executive where I worked with some absolutely brilliant people developing artists’ careers across the United States. My next stop was as a sales executive in radio broadcasting where I learned how to close a deal. I was a very hands-on executive and wrote and produced commercials for the majority of my clients. This was where I learned what kind of messaging worked, and more importantly, what didn’t. ¬†After my second swing in radio, I started my own local marketing agency with a handful of clients, where I began to explore content marketing very early, and developed my skills in digital marketing, email marketing, and also bought radio and television. Now, I’m the Director of Digital Marketing at FunnelKake, where we develop sales and conversion funnels for B2C and B2B clients nationally.


What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

The only marketing channels I don’t have significant experience with our outdoor and print. On any channel, nothing is more important than the message. You can perfect implementation all day long, but if you don’t have a message that resonates with your target audience and drives action, your marketing – regardless of platform – will fail. Having said that, some messages work better than others on each platform, so the channel and technology delivering it has to be considered in the messaging as well.


With scores of marketing software available today, how do you go about selecting the right software for your needs?

We’re very cautious about using new software tools. Any new tool we’re considering using goes through a trial period and if the staff has a great experience with it, we may adopt it to test further. But largely, we stick with what has been working for us.

Advice for the marketing community

Your 2 line advice to people entering into marketing domain.

If you’re entering marketing, first, learn to write as that’s the most needed skill now and for the foreseeable future – it’s incredibly hard to find great writers who can produce quickly and accurately and who knows marketing. Secondly, data, data, data. Embrace data tools, learn how to read them and learn how to use them to improve your marketing efforts.

Some of the learning resources/ books that you would like to recommend to our audience.

Seth Godin is still a favorite person of mine to follow – his knowledge is vast, but mostly it’s about his philosophy. I’ve also read an enormous number of books on marketing and copywriting, too numerous to mention here. I also follow the SEO masters like Rand Fishkin, SEO Roundtable, the Marketing Land blog, Think With Google, and MOZ. Those publications, for the most part, keep me up to date with the fast changing SEO world.