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Interview with Roberta Nappi Quintiliano, Head of Digital Marketing at Bitnovo & Bitsa Card

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Roberta is working as the head of digital marketing at Bitnovo and Bitsa Card. Bitnovo is an online platform specialized in the sale of Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies (BCH, ETH, DASH, TRX, LTC, XRP) as well as in blockchain technology. And is a web which offers a Prepaid Visa Card, which allows to buy, send and receive money from anywhere and reloadable with vouchers, bank transfer, and Cryptocurrencies.

Your Journey as a Marketing Professional.

My journey into the wonderful and mysterious world of Digital Marketing began just a decade ago. My academic background has never been perfectly in line with my profession as a Marketer. As a child, I always showed great creativity, passion for writing (I wanted to become a writer), great skills in drawing and curiosity for technology. My thirst for knowledge and the restless personality, which are the ‘strongest points’ of my personality, have led me to divert my path many times since I wanted to discover my true passion and talent on my own. So, after choosing to study International Relations, basically influenced by my family, the frantic search for a job, that could really gratify me and keep my passion and desire to learn alive, began… a wild goose chase, I told myself.

After finishing the university and a Masters in Economics, my work experience begins as Head of the Staff for the Social, Trade and Craftsmen Council of Naples Municipality. However, this first important experience helped me understand that political career would not make me happy. So, after a work experience in Ireland, and several in Italy (my country), in 2009 I decided to get into the IT world, studying at the WebMaster University.

This was undoubtedly the key experience that brought me closer to the digital world and, certainly, the one that helped me meet my true passion. Once I moved to Spain, I had the opportunity to collaborate on innovative projects, dealing with the full management of all online and offline marketing actions for different startups and other companies.

The study, the dedication, the thirst for knowledge allowed me to learn to use the tools needed to implement successful marketing strategies.

I currently work as Head of the Digital Marketing department for two very innovative and interesting projects in the Fintech sector: and

In my career as a Marketer, I can say that these are the most exciting projects I have had the opportunity to dedicate myself to, but also those that most of all have hard tested my skills. Entering and having to study in depth a world totally unknown to me, such as the blockchain and cryptocurrencies one, and be able to adopt a completely new marketing strategy, aimed at a specific and difficult to define buyer persona, in the first few weeks of work, represented for me a great challenge, in which I put myself through with great emotion and enthusiasm, and which, with time, has brought me incredible results and satisfaction.

Obviously, my journey into the world of marketing wasn’t all a bed of roses.

One of the biggest problems I encounter daily, especially when it comes to working in startups, is the lack of deep knowledge in this sector and the limits that are often marked when adopting innovative and agile strategies and methodologies (such as Scrum, Lean, Agile and Kanban), a problem often resulting from the fear of change.

From the difficulties that I lived during my journey as a marketer professional, I created DidaktikADS, a personal project that I’m planning to launch this 2019.

With DidaktiKADS I proposed to share, with future Digital Marketing professionals, courses, guides and tutorials on every specialty/profession of Digital Marketing (Seo, Sem specialist, Content Creator, Social Media Manager, Community Manager, etc.) focused on Inbound methodology. The goal is to give any Marketing enthusiast the chance to learn a profession from scratch in one place, without having to search for and read thousands of content and resources scattered on the internet, just like I did.

But DidaktikADS is also a project aimed to ‘educate’ entrepreneurs to understand and enhance in a deeper way the work of any professional in the sector so that they can learn:

  • How to adapt more easily to digital transformation;
  • How to adopt agile methodologies;
  • How to enhance Marketers, both in economic and motivational terms, and be able to retain their talents.

With this project, I hope to be able to make a small contribution to the growth of a sector that, today, represents the present and the future of any business organization, as well as one of the sectors with the greatest job opportunities.

What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

Since the beginning of my career in Digital Marketing, I have had the chance and need to use all the main channels such as Social Networks, SEO, SEM, Emailing, Blog, having to manage the Marketing strategy of different E-commerce pages. I believe that, in order to manage a team, it is necessary to know and learn how to use each of these channels and the related tools to understand how to implement a successful strategy, how to measure the results and how and when to change or adapt it.

Marketing is a set of actions and operates in many interconnected channels. Each of these channels is indispensable for starting any successful strategy. My advice for young marketers is not to underestimate the scope of each of these channels and to have the right openness to change and learning since this is a sector that evolves and changes continuously and fastly. But above all, I advise acting with strategies focused on the primary objective of Digital Marketing: the ability to attract, delight and satisfy our buyer persona, using the channels and tools that, at each stage of the funnel, best suits the strategy and goal that we want to achieve.

What are some of the important marketing software that you have used and found to be really useful for your company?

I could make a very long list of software that I consider very useful and indispensable for any type of business and company and that I use daily in my work. As a fanatic of the inbound methodology, marketing automation and SEO, the ones I love are:

HubSpot CRM: the premier tool for the leads capture, as well as one of the best platforms to facilitate and execute the Inbound Marketing methodology.

Mautic: the ideal open source platform for Marketing Automation. It allows us to monitor our users who land at our website, in order to understand their behavior, interests and generate actions that can satisfy their needs. It is perfect for creating email marketing campaigns that allow us to adopt Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring techniques. All the actions we can perform with Mautic allow us to attract, engage and delight the user and to accompany him along his buyer journey.

SEMrush: it is a very useful tool to work at Seo and SEM level, to attract and convert, since SEMrush allows us to improve the content marketing strategy, deepen the data of our competitors, carry out a complete Audit of our site, analyze the position tracking and traffic of our website, discover and analyze the most interesting keywords for our activity and in relation to our competition. It’s about concentrating both strategies on a single platform.

Would you like to share a few words about any marketing software that you absolutely love and always recommend it to others?

Surely the software that I absolutely love and something you can’t live without, as I have said before, is Hubspot.

I have always been a great supporter of non-intrusive Marketing even before Hubspot introduced the Inbound methodology when I worked in the commercial field.

The main aim of the Inbound methodology introduced by Hubspot is to guide the user through his journey, attracting and nurturing him by creating valuable content that is able to answer his questions and satisfy his needs. This goal, which can be achieved by working in each of the Marketing channels (Blog, Email, Social Networks), with Hubspot can be achieved by working from a single platform. This translates into greater productivity and great savings in terms of time and resources.

Your 2 line advice to people entering in the marketing domain.

To the young people who would like to start the profession of the marketer, I advise approaching this world only if they really have a great desire to learn, to sacrifice most of their free time to study and update on the continuous changes that characterize this sector. If you are a curious, restless person who cannot perform monotonous and routine work, then marketing is the right profession for you. Believe me, you won’t have time to get bored!