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Interview with Min Bonnie, Head of Marketing/PR at MediBloc

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Min Bonnie is the Head of Marketing/PR at MediBloc. MediBloc has been building a patient-centric medical data ecosystem, utilizing blockchain technology and its ability to add security and reliability to data. MediBloc has been awarded as Top-5 US Hospital Exploring Blockchain for Patient Data by Coindesk.

Your Journey as a Marketing Professional.

After completing an MBA program in marketing, my career as an international relation expert started with the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI). I organized an APEC TCTC event with the purpose of informing APEC economies about the latest trends in healthcare technology.

Thanks to that event, I learned about a great deal of possibilities in the healthcare industry. I began thinking about how to communicate the lectures and ideas of health professionals around the world to the public with greater ease and accessibility. There are many ways in which the relatively conservative and slow-growing healthcare industry can be advanced through cutting-edge technologies, and if this were combined with the right marketing, there would be practically no limits to what could be achieved. Needless to say, my interest and potential in this field expanded many times over.

Since then, I have continued with marketing in the healthcare industry as a freelancer, and I have developed my skills and insights as a marketer with a considerable degree of understanding in the industry.

I joined MediBloc as one of its first members, and it was a good opportunity. In the early days, MediBloc was not well-known, so I had to come up with marketing tools and methods to promote our company and its values. Most challenging of all was delivering the value of projects to an unspecified number of people worldwide despite having no definite product and quickly encouraging them to buy a cryptocurrency token.

Furthermore, when I joined MediBloc in 2017, the blockchain industry was still in its very early stages and had no use case to refer to, so I had to build and implement my own marketing method in a largely undefined field. Fortunately, though, I love a good challenge. I crafted just the right message, then selected and analyzed the targets to whom the message would be delivered. I then analyzed the channels that would strike the right tone and manners and communicate effectively. So, from our diverse media to the community, I delivered news and information, and this allowed us to achieve $4 million in token sales, a short-term record.

We have created more than 500 contents for four languages so far, and over 800 articles have been covered in the media, including in Forbes. Additionally, in February we received an award at MAX Summit 2019 and were recognized as a blockchain project that had achieved the most influential marketing activities in 2018 with Google Adwords and Facebook in other industries.

What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

PR- The most effective way to introduce an unknown brand is to use trusted media channels aimed at a trusted audience.

First, my brand decided what part of the story to create, then I searched for an author who could make the story effective. Next, we compiled and listed articles that had been produced well, then I contacted who created them. I wrote several versions of stories about what these authors might be interested in, to make it possible to convey the story or content of the brand at a glance. I believed in the saying, “Keep knocking and the door will be opened for you.”

If your company doesn’t have a product now, that’s no problem at all. The brand’s story is written as things go along. Let’s make the best brand story possible using the brand inception, its representatives, and the company’s founding. If those things are in place, a respectable author will notice and want to write about your brand. Targeting the right individuals one by one, the attention will snowball as word of mouth spreads.

Newsletter- The newsletter is the best channel for communicating directly to users, so let’s use a mail solution as efficiently as possible. Customer segmentation and personalization increase customer response. Do you want them to do what you want at any time? If yes, then let’s give them what they need to become excited about our mail. They will do what you want and how with the greatest of ease.

These days there are a lot of newsletter automation solutions, so using them well is a great way to become a successful marketer. In this way, you can tell subscribers the details of your brand’s story and contents, as well as how to use products, if the mail series is executed just right.

– Using emojis appropriately in the title and contents is also an effective way to increase the response rate.

– After several tests, the button in the newsletter brought the blue with the highest CR.

Telegram- The most unusual operating channel in the blockchain industry is Telegram. It is the most effective channel for interacting directly with customers and creating active users.

However, it can also be somewhat bothersome to have 24-hour community management, especially in the case of start-ups with a shortage of manpower. To operate a community in a healthy, long-term manner, it is important to set the correct response time, rules, and so on from the beginning and make them well-known so everyone knows what to expect. Telegram is the most useful channel for creating a committed, well-informed fanbase for your brand.

– Let’s use a Telegram bot that will automatically handle spam and obscene messages. The work of community managers will be reduced considerably.

– Allow community people to talk about Telegram channels. This way, those in the know will habitually come to the channel and actively participate and promote the brand independently.

Blog- One of the marketer’s most important tasks is to activate a company’s owned media well. One activated owned media is better than ten paid media. You can use several blog solutions, such as Medium, Steemit, and Brunch, but when you create your own blog with a customized website, you can directly analyze user flow and create a better, more customized flow.

– If you do not have the capacity to produce your own blog, I recommend using a website solution such as WordPress or Wix.

– Blogs operated by new brands often do not have traffic, so I recommend using a blog solution to increase exposure. In the case of Medium, it is also a method of increasing the exposure rate by submitting contents to a large publication corresponding to the brand.

Facebook- Facebook and Twitter are the best channels for effectively exposing contents. Both are far-reaching channels that can spread contents to friends by liking and sharing posts.

– Test the response rate by mixing the emoticons properly, then build a format that maximizes the response rate.

– A hashtag is a good way to gain greater search presence. Three to five hashtags is the most appropriate amount.

– In the early days, I made posts to improve response rates, then posted comments or shared them directly to inform people to respond to my posts consistently.

What are some of the important marketing software/ tool that you have used and found to be really useful for your company?

MailChimp ( MailChimp is a newsletter tool that allows marketers to easily automate and visualize newsletters without any particular special skills. Even without development capabilities, you can use the built-in newsletter design format to complete a great newsletter. MailChimp is the world’s top service company and can manage up to 2,000 emails and use up to 12,000 for free monthly services. You can try it for free, and if the number of subscribers exceeds 2,000, you can switch to a fee-based service with less risk of incurring costs.

– It is a very convenient tool for marketers because it allows users to analyze each campaign and generate AB tests and landing pages if they want.

– You can automate personalization and a welcome mail for each subscriber, and you can develop a very active user base this way.

– Retargeting can be performed in conjunction with GA. It is a great advantage in advertising using a cross channel.

GA (Google Analysis)- GA is a data analysis tool that enables you to analyze website visitors and other key data, from environmental analysis (including devices and OS) to demographic analysis.

– Communication channels such as Telegram can be recognized as none in GA, so UTM can be deployed for an accurate analysis of incoming channels. UTM is highly recommended because it can easily create and use Bitly through the following site:

Facebook Analysis- With Facebook Funnel, you can use retargeting to promote ads and effectively advertise your desired content to users who are responding or who have been exposed to your brand through Facebook pages. As with GA, you can conduct environmental and demographic analysis on potential users and through Facebook ads, making it a convenient and essential tool for marketers.

Bitly ( Bitly allows you to analyze a channel that comes in the URL you created simply and without having to create a UTM separately. The analysis of simple channel funnels is provided free of charge, and it is recommended that marketers use it when distributing a URL. In addition, you can customize the tool for the URL you want, so creating a message or a URL that is as easy as it is essential for quality marketing.

– If you want to test the reaction rate according to the inflow statement or URL even on the same channel, you can do so by creating it differently through Bitly and then analyzing and applying the factor of rising inflow rate.

Would you like to share a few words about any marketing software that you use?

i. What do you like in the software/tool?

I think that has all been covered in the answers above. But I would like to restate that I trust, enjoy, and respect each of them a great deal and highly recommend them to everyone.

ii. Did you consider other software for this use case? If yes, why did you decide to move forward with this software?

We are about to launch a product, so we are considering using an app analysis tool.

I am also looking at automated/personalized email delivery solutions such as Polymail or Mixmax for the most effective press release distribution.

Your 2 line advice to people entering in the marketing domain.

– Before you start marketing, define the final goal(benefit) you want to get through the marketing campaign. And then, plan a channel and set the funnel that can effectively reach out to your right target. Please make sure that you write these clearly first, and you will be able to achieve your desired goals more effectively.

– After each marketing campaign, analyze the results data and focus on the insights gained. With this accumulated insights, you will be able to become a competent marketer.