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Interview with Luda Greko, Head of Content Marketing at ActiveTrail

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Luda Greko is the Head of Content Marketing at ActiveTrail, a leading provider of professional-grade email marketing and automation software for growing businesses. By day she writes for top online marketing sites about email marketing and marketing automation, and by night she is a lifestyle blogger and a social media enthusiast.

Your Journey as a Marketing Professional.

I started as a blogger about 8 years ago, never thought about marketing as a professional and studied social science and communications in the university. I worked as a diamontologist in the US at the time, selling diamonds in a corporate company but I mostly wanted to write for a living. When I moved back to Israel, I started searching for writing jobs, I was willing to work for any amount as long as it was writing. Through my reading my blog, my first employer offered my a student job, it was 2 days a week for a quite a low pay and the first project was moving an entire website’s content to 2 different WP websites. Talk about a hassle.

Though monotonous, I learned a lot through the process about UX, about properly setting up website content, I learned SEO basics and article structuring and slowly I became more and more immersed in the world of inbound marketing without really realizing it.

By the time I finished working with him, I was in charge of 2 websites, an entire social media operation and all the financial aspects of that business.

From there, I moved on to managing a digital content team at a big e-commerce website, spend some time as an inbound marketing manager learning everything about marketing automation and today I’m the head of content marketing at ActiveTrail, an email marketing automation software.

What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

Except for running PPC campaigns on Google, I worked almost on any digital marketing channel one can imagine. I do believe in the efficiency of email marketing and I think every young marketer should understand the basics of marketing automation as soon as possible.

What are some of the important marketing software that you have used and found to be really useful for your company?

I really enjoy HootSuite for my social media marketing needs, I love SEMrush for everything SEO for my content strategy and Zapier for those must-have integrations.

Which companies, according to you, are your competitors. How do you differentiate against these?

ActiveTrail has many competitors and a lot of them bring real value to the user, I personally believe we ActiveTrail brings back to power to the hands of the marketer. Even when I was a young marketer, four years go, I used ActiveTrail as a platform for my email marketing needs. It was simple to understand and even simpler to use. It also has all the features one would expect from a good marketing automation software but for a much lower budget. I think that for me a great benefit as an employee and just as a user is that it’s multi-lingual. I speak languages and work in two, this allows me as a user and as an employee to enjoy all worlds.

Your 2 line advice to people entering in the marketing domain.

Read as many relevant articles as you can watch as many youtube tutorials as possible, listen to podcasts about digital marketing and join the top LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Become part of the conversations and always stay up-to-date on new trends.