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Interview with Linda Ripoll, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer at The Honey Pot Company

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With over twenty years’ experience in marketing, Linda has a passion for building brands’ via messaging, public relations and social media. From to Home Depot, Linda honed her skills as a retail copywriter for some of the largest retail brands in the world. During her copywriting career, she launched a social media consultancy where she honed her skills as a social media manager for small to medium-sized beauty, food and travel brands.

She currently is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for The Honey Pot Company, the first plant-based feminine care system on the market. She loves to cook, travel and binge-watch Game of Thrones.

Your Journey as a Marketing Professional.

I got started in Marketing as a copywriter back in 2003. I was a beauty journalist before that and discovered copywriting when I took a job at Bliss. I was working in the sales and marketing department and they sat me across from the copywriter who handled all of the copy for packaging and for the catalog. Although I didn’t get to work for Bliss – I did discover the world of copywriting and soon thereafter got my first job at doing e-commerce copywriting. From there I worked as a retail copywriter for several large retail brands including Home Depot, Carter’s and Georgia Power. I also had the opportunity to work at an advertising agency in their digital department where I did copywriting for Visa, AT&T, and Jaguar. During the time I was doing retail copywriting, I also hopped into the world of social media. I launched a small consultancy where I helped small to mid-level brands on their social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I discovered The Honey Pot Company back in 2014 at a hair show in Atlanta. I was with another social media client and bought a bottle of wash. I loved it! I reached out to the owners and asked if they needed help with their social media. They told me to follow up. Three months later, I followed up. I’m now a co-founder and the CMO of The Honey Pot Company.

What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

I’ve worked on website copy creation, email marketing, social media marketing, direct mail, blogs, print ad campaigns, digital ad campaigns, radio ads – streaming.

The best thing to do is learn all of the channels as you’ll find that you’ll need to be well-versed in both traditional and digital marketing platforms. Eventually, everything will cross over to digital but for now, we’re in the time period where you need to know them both. Also, be sure to stay up on the trends and also follow brands that are doing marketing well and really examine why. This will give you great insight into how you can position a campaign or how to market a brand in a compelling, impactful way.

What are some of the important marketing software that you have used and found to be really useful for your company?

Google analytics. MailChimp. PowerReviews. We’re seeking to add a few more software platforms to our mix shortly.

Which companies, according to you, are your competitors. How do you differentiate against these?

We have a slew of competitors. All of the people in the feminine care space from Summer’s Eve to Cora are our competitors. As for how we differentiate ourselves, we are the only brand that is natural and has everything a woman needs under one company. We’re also herb powered meaning all of our products – minus our clean cotton tampons – are fueled by herbs and botanicals.

Your 2 line advice to people entering in the marketing domain.

Be ready to always think outside the box and leave your ego at home.