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Interview with Jorge Jiménez, Head of Marketing at Product School

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Jorge Jiménez is Head of Marketing at Product School. During his 8 years of experience, he has worked for big companies like Apple, Pepsi, Avianca leading their media strategy, finding a stronger insight for launching successful campaigns cross-media channels. After that, He jumped into the startup world, creating as a CMO the growth strategy for a b2c business and generating an increase in revenue of the company of 75% one year vs another one. He has worked with multicultural people, trying all the time leading with example, vision and determination for achieving the goals brands. He’s passionate about branding, growth, and business development actions and he doesn’t know to talk about anything else.

Your Journey as a Marketing Professional.

I studied International Business, at some point, nothing related to Marketing. I had a teacher at the university who made me fall in love with marketing. I was in my second year when I already knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

My first professional experience was in the financing field, working for one of the most important banks in my country. I used to work in a research team. I learned a lot, but I was pretty sure that marketing was my future. Finances were part of my life for more than a year, and then I decide to move forward. This opportunity made me love the numbers. Understand always the reason behind the number.

I jumped into the advertising industry, and this was a whole new world for me. I worked for OMD, one of the biggest media agencies worldwide. I was working in the performance team with paid advertising for important local and international companies. This experienced taught how brands reach their audiences and how the media control people’s perception.

Then I moved to Madrid, Spain. I studied a Masters in Marketing and I jumped into the startup world.

In the beginning, I used to work for KeepCoding a company that offers coding boot camps in Spain and around the world. I worked as a CMO, I developed their new brand strategy, created their new inbound system and we launched a huge coding conference once a year in Madrid.

After almost two years, I started to work as a Head of Marketing at Product School, leading the growth and global expansion of the brand. Here, I work with the most talented team that I have never worked.

We are makers, we make things happen and happen fast. I think that’s the coolest thing that you can learn for working in a startup. You do not only think, but you also put your hands-on work.

What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

Paid media: I used to create campaigns from different brands on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Search, Google Display, Youtube Ads, Linkedin Ads, Foursquare Ads, DMPs, DSP, Double Click, Waze Ads, etc.

Most of the other marketing channels are “free”. You do not invest money every day. In paid media, you do that all the time and every minute matters. You can test new products, copies, reach, everything and have fast and accurate conclusions.

My advice is: if you can learn from paid media before learning from the other channels, do it. Why? Because:

You will have money control.
Paid is ok for getting initial traction and while you push organic growth.
You’ll understand how digital marketing platforms work.
The algorithm world is going to be a daily basis.
Paid platforms are really good at making segments, so you can have a better understanding of your audience.

SEO: this is the diamond. You gotta work harder in your content. Deliver the best content for your audience will help your brand to uplift their perception and be recognized in your audience.

My advice: Set a unique style. Hire people with high-level criteria and obsession for the details.

Growth Hacking: it’s weird that I mention this on channels, but it’s totally worth. There are standards on how you use marketing channels, and growth hacking is here to no follow those standards.

Here, you can try anything that you have never tried before. Open new communities, understanding platform, algorithms, getting leads where anyone else can’t get them and testing every day.

My advice: challenge the status quo. Curiosity and a few coding skills will help you to find a gap in the system.

What are some of the important marketing software that you have used and found to be really useful for your company?

CRM: Salesforce. Everything in one place. All new software will love to integrate with Salesforce, so you’ll be at the top of new features.

Automation: Hubspot. These guys really understand marketing, and they create new features all the time. You are in control when you can see the path of any of your potential customers.

Zapier: Will do what the other platforms can not do. Zaps will make your life easier because you can go scale any task you are doing.

5 must-have marketing tools for every marketer:


  • Trello: perfect for organization tasks for your team, even if they are remote.
  • GSuite: daily tasks, co-creation on projects.
  • Slack: communication is important.
  • Zoom: meetings, presentations, webinars.


  • Everwebinar: if you really want to hack webinars, this is your chance.
  • Docsend: share valuable content with the correct audience and do not forget getting leads in return.
  • Intercom: you can not waste any chance to talk directly with a potential customer. You can have a person to person contact.
  • Sumome: a tailored pop-up strategy for your audience can make increase your list per thousand.
  • Email marketing: I do not want to advertise any email marketing company. There are thousand and you can choose what you prefer and also fit in your budget.

Your 2 line advice to people entering in the marketing domain.

Everything starts with your brand. Fall in love with the brand that you are working for. Understand who the brand is, how’s it’s personality, etc. Then, try to understand their category and industry. Once you have the perfect scope of your brand, and you know as much marketing channels and tools as possible, if you have the correct goals you will get better results.

The successful in marketing is based on the level of curiosity that you could have and the capacity to add a methodology to everything you do.