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Interview with Isaac Fornari, Director of Marketing at Sidco Labeling Systems

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Isaac Fornari has been in marketing for several years. He lives in Silicon Valley in California and enjoys using emerging and cutting edge technologies to overcome marketing challenges and grow businesses in their respective industries. Currently, he is the Director of Marketing at Sidco Labeling Systems.

My Journey as a Marketing Professional.

I got my first taste of marketing when I was 14, I started doing some part-time telemarketing work. I was selling window washing services for a company in the Central Valley of California. I would call hundreds of numbers pulled from databases and work to convince them to allow our estimation team to come out and give them a quote. I did well at this but it wasn’t my long term career choice by any means.

Move forward a couple of years to my junior year in High School, I wasn’t telemarketing anymore and thought my future looked like I was going to go into finance as an investment advisor. But during High School, I realized I needed the money and so I started my own window washing business, I had enough industry knowledge that I was able to relatively quickly start booking jobs near where I lived and was making pretty good revenue for someone at that age. I continued this company for a couple of years as the sole operator, marketer and sales team all combined.

Look down the road to age 18 and I was beginning school at a community college to complete an associate’s degree to transfer to a 4-year school for a bachelor’s degree in finance. It was early in my college years that I was given the opportunity to intern at a medium-sized business in Silicon Valley as a part-time marketing employee. The company is Sidco Labeling Systems located in Santa Clara, CA.

Sidco Labeling Systems is a Value Added Reseller of labeling and barcoding technology, equipment and consumables. Our company has been in business for over 30 years and has adapted to the ever-changing industry which we are involved in.

At Sidco I am now the Director of Marketing. I work to generate qualified, ready to purchase leads. I spend a lot of my time doing market research and deciding where to allocate budget and energy as we work on our content marketing strategies, PPC campaigns, email marketing, referral generation, and brand image development.

I have been with the company for almost 5 years and I immensely enjoy the challenges that this position offers me on a daily basis. I am able to solve the challenges that some marketers will never have the opportunity to face. Additionally, I am able to really believe in the products and services we represent because I have seen firsthand the advantages our products pose to businesses both large and small.

What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

I’ve worked in most of the currently prevalent marketing channels. Namely, Organic SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Social Media, Trade show/Event, Referral development and Direct Mail.

My advice to young marketers in these channels is that you have to make data-driven decisions if there’s one thing to take away from reading this it would be that data matters. Without some evidence in black and white as to why a campaign will succeed, you may as well head to a casino and start gambling because the odds are about the same. That being said, I think that the inverse of that is to not get so hung up on crunching every number and optimizing every line of copy that you never get anywhere. Some things you simply have to A/B test and launch before getting any data. Oftentimes you structure a whole campaign just to gain data that is valuable for your next campaign. But at the end of the day, every marketing decision should be driven by data or the pursuit of data.

What are some of the important marketing software that you have used and found to be really useful for your company?

I am a traditionalist and a big Google fan when it comes to software. For collaboration, I highly recommend Google Drive. For the design you just can’t beat the Adobe Creative Cloud, MailChimp and Constant Contact are good mass email software. And of course Excel, this is one area I feel even the Google products lack, Google Sheets doesn’t stack up to Excel as well as it should in my opinion. So for spreadsheets and documents, I use a mixture of Microsoft Office and Google Docs programs.

Other software I have used would be the marketing automation platform, “Hubspot”. They really are a great resource to the marketing community and their platform is second to none in terms of creating actionable highly sustainable marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.

My newest and favorite online web software though, this has to be Trello. I am a huge fan of Trello for keeping organizations and teams moving on collaborative projects. It’s just a great simple platform to organize all your projects and create in-depth tasks and checklists and due dates and such.

Which companies, according to you, are your competitors. How do you differentiate against these?

This one has always been a tough one to answer, but some of the names that come to mind would be Barcodes Inc, Barcode Factory, Redline Solutions as well as some other online sellers.

Sidco differentiates from these companies because of our ability to supply more and cover deeper applications than them. We have a product line that is highly diverse and hand-picked by our management team. We are very selective about who we let in as a vendor, and we’re never out to just move boxes. We want to sell solutions to businesses that really have a labeling problem. We train our sales staff that if the customer doesn’t have a problem, we don’t have a customer. Most of our competitors sell bits and pieces of what we sell, but none of them can back it up with the service, support and integrity of Sidco Labeling Systems.

Your 2 line advice to people entering in the marketing domain.

Believe in the products you market, always be confident in your abilities but also accept criticism and seek advice from marketers that are ahead of you in their journey.