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Interview with Diego Andrés López, Co-Founder & CMO at Kidytechy

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Diego Andrés López is the Co-Founder & CMO at Kidytechy, an educational platform which offers courses of social interest with Augmented Reality: Online Security, Gender Equality and First Aid. Diego has been awarded as Winner Allstartup Bilbao, Blue BBVA Challenge Semifinalist, and Bronze Drac by Drac Novell International.

Your Journey as a Marketing Professional.

Once I graduated in advertising and public relations, I decided to specialize in the creative field. After having “traveled” around some digital agencies as a creative copywriter, I decided to try a new path in PlayGround – a digital magazine that focusses heavily on branded content. No fireworks, no glitter, their main objective is to provide relevant content. However, at PlayGround, I started to feel more like a journalist than as a creative copywriter, so I decided to close that phase and return to my homeland of Bilbao.

In Basque Country, I worked as a creative copywriter again for 2 years; working for both local and national brands. At this point, I thought about what I love most about advertising and what I dislike most as well. This world is full of talent, a lot of amazing ideas, but in the end, most only see the light for a short period of time. So I decided that I have to be in a place where good ideas could be fact, not anecdotes.

Finally, I discovered the start-up world, a sector where the good execution of ideas is essential. For one year to date, I have been working in two start-ups, and both have one thing in common: the desire to change the way we learn things.  

Firstly, I and my 3 other partners founded Kidytechy, which is an augmented reality app that teaches children subjects which are very useful to their lives. For example, online security, concepts about gender equality, first aid or road education.

Secondly, we recently founded Gamisetas, which also uses augmented reality. In this case, we have launched a collection of T-shirts with a special design that allows a person “to bring to life” the character printed on it. You only have to focus on the character with your mobile phone camera and it appears in a 3D form in your device. Then you can play a videogame that shows healthy habits regarding food.

In these two start-ups I am the CMO and, although sometimes I feel enjoy working at an agency; I am proud to be part of companies that are changing things for the better.

What are the primary marketing channels you have worked on? What will be your advice to young marketers on each of these channels?

  • Digital marketing

You have to be where your customers are and that is why I always include campaigns with Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads or YouTube ads.

Advice: It is not always necessary to use all of them, this depends on the brand that you are working with and the objectives of the campaign. Choose wisely.

  •  Email marketing

Obtaining a lead is hard work so, when I get one mail address, I try to make sure that this costumer does not forget the brand. It is important to send newsletters and make retargeting campaigns.

Advice: Quality is more important than quantity, so be sure that you do not send too many emails, send good emails instead.

  • Branded Content

Relevance in a world full of information is essential. Building an interesting blog or redacting quality articles will elevate your brand in the customer´s mind.

Advice: Content is a powerful tool in a growth hacking strategy, so dedicate some of your time to learn about it.

  • PR

It is important to create a good earned media strategy. If you do it well, probably you succeed in getting the visibility that, otherwise, you could not afford to get on your own budget.

Advice: Once I had a teacher that said to me “if you are launching the iPhone, you just have to say you have the iPhone”. If you are able to introduce a brand or a product by creating interest, media will give you a voice.

  • Events  

In my case, thematic events have been useful in attracting potential users. Sometimes they are good for trials or demonstrations of some products then later customers can buy right there and then.

Advice: Do not focus on events with a very commercial tone.

What are some of the important marketing software that you have used and found to be really useful for your company?

Semrush: Intuitive tool for SEO and SEM. Allows the making of comprehensive reports and compared to other similar competitors, it is quite complete.

Smartlook: Apart from knowing what kind of target is visiting your website, I find it very interesting to see how people move around it. Smartlook records all the movements and clicks that visitors make and also offers heat maps of each page.

Google Tag Manager: For those who do not know much about programming, Google Tag Manager will simplify all coding stuff. In one place, you can add and control all kind of pixels and labels, and also manage all Google products in an easy way.

Your 2 line advice to people entering in the marketing domain.

Do not focus on only the best in one unique thing, this world changes really fast. In addition, do not start to learn thousands of tools with no real knowledge in any of them. The key is to be balanced.