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Interview with Bobby Stemper, Director of Marketing at AdHawk

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Your Marketing Journey:

I started my marketing journey as the first employee at an adtech startup with a loose “marketing intern” title. In a company that small – pre product pre-sales – there isn’t much to actively marketing but an infinite amount of planning and infrastructure you can build. I knew that content and SEO are hard things to prioritize, so I put most of my energy into developing a longtail video and written content strategy.

It took some time, but the posts and videos we developed in those first 6 months before our sales cycle began generate 30K new users to the site every month.

Over the next 3 years, I’ve continued in that head of marketing capacity, spending half my time on direct lead gen and half my time on longer term growth projects.

A lot of fast forwarding we’re generating $1M per month in revenue and got there mostly with a 2-3 person marketing team and all inbound lead gen.

On maintaining a balance between innovation and proven tactics:

Innovation is only valuable if you’re able to produce results and get buy in from the larger team. For both innovative tactics and consistent tactics, it’s crucial to establish the CPA numbers and compare apples to apples on where the best $1 is.

Software/ Tools in marketing

  • We leveraged free tools for the first 18 months (for the most part) to create more or less a Frankenstein marketing stack. We really forked it up to aggregate all of these but it allowed us to move a lot faster and accommodate scaling.
  • Facebook can work for any business.
  • Google can work for any business, so long as you have an understanding of your cost to acquire leads and cost to acquire customer numbers.
  • MailChimp was great because the pricing structure scales with you. Hubspot is excellent but expensive. I don’t think any SMB should use Salesforce.

Here are some good resources for marketers:

  • Paid Ads & Performance Marketing: the AdHawk blog
  • Organic Social: Buffer blog

About AdHawk

AdHawk is the easiest way to manage your digital advertising across all platforms. They aggregate your data and put it into one dashboard that updates in real-time. They then give you optimization tips that you can accept or reject in one click.